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Then you're ready to actually write the essay. It may seem like an overwhelming and long process with all those things you have to do before you type the text itself, but if you take the process seriously, you'll get a lot easier with the process of writing yourself. It will slide like butter in a hot pot if you have done the prep work well.

When you start writing an essay, there are four things that are important:

Memorize your starting point.
Follow your outline.
Write with focus, without distractions.
Avoid generalization and imprecise language.
The first two points at paperhelp are simply a matter of what you did in preparation. The third point is crucial to whether or not you first complete the essay within a reasonable time frame, and second, whether or not you are given the essay of the necessary quality. We live in a time full of distractions, and if you decide to multitask and have many windows open on your screen, your text will deteriorate. If you're bouncing between social media, news sites, a Word document and the latest posts on your smartphone, your work will take longer and deteriorate. You can get tips for writing without distractions in this blogpost,and otherwise there are a number of tools you can resort to:

Guarantees that you can block access to the Internet when you are typing. For example, I'm using Freedom right now.
Software that measures all activity on your computer. It's quite a revelation to help you be aware of how to use your digital time in the best way possible.
An app for your smartphone that measures how many minutes and hours you spend on your phone a day and how many times you pick it up.
You may think that this type of tool should be unnecessary, but you can also be realistic and recognize that extra is necessary to stay focused and purposeful.

The last of the four points concerns language. An essay is not a novel, but a short text, so both in terms of language and content, it is important to stick to the essentials. Not too general and avoid phrases like homelessness is a serious problem in Western Europe today. It's not, but it's too broad, and that will make your reader come out. Be specific instead!
When writing essays essayontime try to avoid words like "I," "you," and "you." It's too intimate and weakens your credibility as a writer (and yes, I know both "I" and "you" use it many times in this text, but this isn't an essay either, it's a guide, and it's something else entirely.) Finally, you should also avoid "sights." Don't write, I think, that a politician is biased when he says ... but instead think that a politician expresses himself as biased when he speaks ...

Så har du spillet bolden over på den rigtige banehalvdel, og din tekst bliver stærkere af det.
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